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Women 10 Times More Likely to Need Surgery after Birth Control Pill Use?

Concerns about the safety of the birth control implant manufactured by Bayer have been increasing since its FDA approval in November 2002 and until May 31, 2015 there have been approximately 5,039 complaints of which were mostly voluntary about Essure complications. The advisory committee suggested obtaining more accurate safety data including the patient registry and new clinical studies on safety and the effectiveness of the device.

Wisconsin Gun Shop Negligence Trial Closing Arguments Win

The above quote by California accident attorney Michael Ehline of the Ehline Law Firm PC is not without merit. In the past, the anti self defense rights left has been very intelligent at packing the courts with judges who rule based upon emotion, rather than by the Constitution and universal rights. In this case, they found a federally licensed gun dealer with a known pattern and practice of selling guns to fronts, or “straw men” for criminals.