Colgate Liable for Cancer?

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Cancer and toothpaste linked?

Colgate is one of the oldest toothpaste brands in the country. It has become well known and well-respected. It is this trust that many are finding fault with, especially after it was discovered that Colgate has placed a potentially cancer-causing material in its product for years. Personal injury attorneys are already clamoring, looking for clients with cancer potentially related to toothpaste usage.

A scholarly article published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology found a link between the product and patients developing allergies. Furthermore, concern regarding the effects of triclosan was featured in an NPR report in 2010. This report cited a study by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey that found that exposure could lead to reduced immune function and possible allergy issues.

The Mayo Clinic’s statement on the substance stated that triclosan had been known to create abnormal hormone growth, could damage the immune system, and could contribute to the evolution of anti-biotic resistant germs.

While the FDA is more conservative in its description of the chemical, it also stated that it would undergo a full review of its effects on people in 2012. It also said that it is not clear that it even assists when placed in soaps.

There is mounting evidence that this chemical should at least be isolated and studied further, especially considering it shows up in so many soaps and toothpastes. In fact, it’s been estimated that a full 75% of the population has it flowing through their body at any given time.

It’s up to the FDA and corporations to step up to the plate. Until they do, if you or a loved one developed any side effects from using this product, please contact the offices of an experienced local injury lawyer today and look for a free, no-pressure consultation. Find offices that specialize in product liability and injury claims. Allow them to be your voice. They usually can help find you medical care as needed and won’t ask for a cent unless we recover for you. Call or email one off of Yelp! at any time.