Safeguarding from Motorist Negligence

cropped-cropped-RedCross_First_Injury_Responder.jpgDriving is not only a favorite pastime in Southern California and the expansive Riverside County area, it is often a necessity.  Whether for business or pleasure, every driver is expected to keep safety in mind at all times.  Despite best intentions, however, accidents occur daily, often due to simple negligence.  It is important to know the facts about what actually constitutes negligence, and know how to protect you or your loved one if you are the victim of it in an automobile accident.

Of course, all drivers are expected to follow traffic laws which they are required to know before they are issued a license.  Government organizations in Riverside County, for example, are similarly responsible for seeing to the safety of our roads.  In actuality, safety isn’t always minded the way it should be.  Sometimes weather makes driving conditions hazardous and a driver may not take precautions to adjust for the weather, causing an accident.

At other times, the road conditions may be unsatisfactory, such as unsafe road surfaces, road construction debris, or a lack of signage; in these conditions, the party responsible for road maintenance is negligent.  And of course, all too often a driver is distracted for some reason and simply doesn’t pay attention, resulting in an accident in which you may be the victim.

Every driver in the State of California is required to prove financial responsibility in case of an accident due to his negligence.  However, not every drive chooses to follow the law.  Even when the negligent driver does have proper insurance, insurance agencies will do their best to pay as little as necessary to a victim.  Sometimes the negligent driver, or their insurance, will even try to claim that the victim was responsible and should pay for their own medical and repairs.

If you or your loved one is the victim of an accident due to a negligent driver or other negligent party, protect yourself immediately by calling a qualified accident attorney who serves Riverside County.  Having car accident attorneys like these here, on your side from the very start, is the best way to make sure that the victim’s rights and needs are cared for promptly and fully.

We have firsthand knowledge, that Ehline Law Firm PC and other members of the Circle of Legal Trust know the tactics employed by negligent drivers, insurance agencies, and the insurance agency’s attorneys and can help prevent any threat to the victim’s rights to recompense and medical care. When others are negligent, causing injury via an bad collision or road conditions from poor maintenance, don’t neglect to protect yourself; call an tort attorney right away.