Jogging Strollers Recalled Due to Choking Hazard

October 12, 2011- According to reports there has been a recall issued on baby jogging strollers. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada there has been a recall issued on October 11th for approximately a half a million B.O.B. jogging strollers.

The B.O.B. jogging strollers manufactured by Trailers Inc. received six reports of children that had detached an embroidered logo patch that is located on the stroller, which can be a choking hazard. There have been two children that have gagged and choked on the logo, but were rescued without injury. The reports of the six children that were involved in detaching the embroidered logos were in infant car seats attached to the stroller. As a personal injury lawyer, you would want to warn your clients about this I would think. No?

The recall affects approximately 411,700 B.O.B. strollers in the U.S. and 27,000 strollers that were sold in Canada that were manufactured between November 1998 and November 2010. All of the strollers that are involved in the recall have an embroidered canopy and include the B.O.B. Stroller Strides Ironman.

The recalled strollers were sold in Babies R’ Us, REI and other children’s stores nationwide and through between November 1998 and October 2011. The baby strollers that were manufactured in Taiwan and China involved in the recall range in price between $200 and $600.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has stated that use of the strollers should be stopped immediately, until the embroidered patch and backing logo is removed from the inside of the canopy.