Motorcycles are Great to Ride Till There is an Accident

Motorcycles are great ride till there is an medical emergency accident, and then it can mean severe injuries that will take an extended amount of time to heal, but in some cases can even be fatal. Riding a motorcycle means freedom unlike in a vehicle containing is also a choice of transportation that many people use, sense gas prices are so high.

Every year there are thousands motorcycle accidents that result in severe injuries or death, which are not from speed, driving under the influence or anything else the rider is doing wrong. They instead are caused by negligent drivers that are not alert to the traffic around them. There are also motorcycle accidents due to road conditions, which includes road maintenance. The accident can also be caused by defective design or aftermarket part on the motorcycle.

The motorcycle at his motorized vehicle that only has two wheels, it has no airbag or seatbelt like a car the only protection motorcycle rider actually has is a helmet in any protective gear they may have on the time of the accident. That is not a lot of protection against the hard pavement of the freeways in a city like Redding and pavement is not the friend of the motorcycle rider. This is when the rider can be severely injured and it can include traumatic head and brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones and other injuries, requiring motorcycle attorneys.

After the motorcycle accident the injuries will take time to heal and in some cases be a lifelong disability. During this time there are medical bills mounting, the injured victim is not able to work and the financial stress can hinder their healing. The experienced motorcycle accident attorney can hold the negligent driver and their insurance company responsible when the accident was caused by a vehicle driver.

But, when the accident was caused by a design or after market part the negligent party is the manufacturer. When the roadway lacks the proper maintenance it is the agency responsible for maintaining the roads they too can be held responsible. Along with holding the negligent party responsible the injured rider’s Redding motorcycle accident attorney will seek compensation that will pay the medical bills, loss of income, pain and suffering, future medical bills and income, along with damages to the motorcycle.