The Case of the Transgender Lawbreaker

Man's Mouth with Red Lipstick on His Lips and Brown Beard

Man’s Mouth with Red Lipstick on His Lips and Brown Beard

The world is full of mysteries and weird things. Humans are the most unique things in the universe doing things that other beings aren’t even capable of doing. It is a pity that we often use our genius minds to do things that we should not be doing. Just recently a transgender woman was exposed for her deceptiveness when she was caught for stealing money in benefits. This transgender was living two lives at the same time: one as a man and one as a woman. As a woman she was known as Richelle Dee McDonald and as a man he was known as Richard Dee McDonald.

On Monday the federal judge declared the final words for the offender and sent her inside her house for 8 months i.e. she will serve home confinement there. In addition to home confinement she also received 3 years of probation. She won’t be put behind bars like others who commit the same fraud because of the challenges she faced as an old person. Richelle is 70 years old right now and has been exposed for stealing a huge sum of $250,000. She performed this great stunt by receiving SSI payments.

While she was receiving SSI payments she was also acting as a man and doing a daytime job. Her birth name was Richard as on her social security as well. Under this name she went on to get SSI (supplemental income benefits) in 1974. She got approved for these benefits because she had suffered severe injuries as a result of a vehicle accident. These payments successfully transferred to her account in California. This particular account was also under the name Richard Dee McDonald. Just 2 years before this adventure she was doing something else as a Richelle Dee McDonald.

It was 1972 when she went for social security number as Richelle and then went on for a gender-reassignment surgery just 9 years later. After this surgery she spent 25 years of her life working hard as a janitor. These duties she performed in a hospital located in Oregon. This went on for a long time and she was never caught with this trickery. She didn’t think the money she had was enough and went on for more by applying as Richelle Dee McDonald for more social security benefits. It was during the verification process of her new application that she was caught deceiving the authorities.

She now has to come up with restitution even though she has returned an amount of $30,000 after getting caught. Her social security benefits will be used to get the restitution from her. She has gone for plea bargain after getting busted. The US district court judge said to her that she was playing with millions of dollars and this money did not belong to her. McDonald seems very embarrassed after getting caught and to all the remarks and comments that came in her direction from the judge she responded with just a sorry.

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