Triclosan Soap Poisoning Lawsuits

Soap is meant to keep you and your family clean and free of infection. This is especially the case for anti-microbial soaps that keep away the bacteria that can build up on the skin. Unfortunately, scientific research has shown that such soaps can have dangers that can well outweigh their usefulness.

Chemical Makeup of Triclosan

Triclosan Composition

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego Health Sciences discovered that a common ingredient in anti-microbial soap, Triclosan, can cause severe health issues. In their study, they measured the effects of Triclosan on mice. They found that it leads to liver toxicity that could be very dangerous. One researcher said, “Triclosan’s increasing detection in environmental samples and its increasingly broad use in consumer products may overcome its moderate benefit and present a very real risk of liver toxicity for people, as it does in mice, particularly when combined with other compounds with similar action.”

Considering that this compound is found in many health products, from soap to shampoo to even toothpaste, the consumer should be well aware of the side effects that it can cause. These issues can be especially acute for patients with pre-existing liver conditions or predisposition to cancer.

If you or a loved one has suffered from liver fibrosis or cancer after using a product containing Triclosan, it is vital to take several steps. Finding the best medical route is important, as is contacting a skilled product liability attorney with the experience and knowledge in the field to help take on companies that allowed this compound into their products. It is a responsibility not only to find justice for your own sickness but to prevent it from happening to any other potential victims. For more information or to set up a free consultation, please give our office a call 24 hours a day.