Are E-Cigarettes Worse Than Believed?

smoking electric cigarettes on the black background

smoking electric cigarettes on the black background

The expanding popularity of e-cigarettes has taken the smoking world by storm. The surprising expansion of the hobby over the last five years is largely predicated on the idea that it is safer than traditional tobacco. For health conscious smokers, it seemed like an open and shut case. Instead, recent research is highlighting that e-cigs may not be as safe as previously believed.

Unregulated E-Cigs

Many flavors and combinations of liquid nicotine have flooded the market. Unregulated, some are made in people’s garages and basements and sold to the public. Without knowledge of what might be inside, the consequences of such sales are often unknown or unchecked. Often, any health issues that could arise come after they have already occurred. For many, any action taken would be well overdue.

FDA Enters the Scene

All of this concern caused the FDA to announce that it would be putting new regulations in place to handle such concerns. The risk of such flavored liquids causing cancer or similar diseases is far too high for the regulatory agency to risk. The FDA announced that it has researched the risk of nicotine exposure, especially for children and infants.

The FDA is now considering a raft of new regulations to keep consumers safe. This could include bans on certain products, warning labels, and other restraints. Perhaps the most important aspect of such a procedural change is the public perception shift away from such products as being harmless. A recent CDC report stated that nicotine exposure incidents to poison control centers skyrocketed from .3% of all cases in 2010 to over 41% in 2014. All of these data points should lead to a wider conversation about the future of smoking and regulation.

Not Safe at All?

E-cigarettes are not nearly as safe as have been previously stated. If you have been taken advantage of by a company that produced or distributed such products, you have the right to fight back. If you or a family member was sickened by liquid nicotine, you are in the need of a skilled product liability expert. That is where your search should start.