Bad Drugs

Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo – Suing for Injuries

There is also concern that Johnson and Johnson included chemicals to other products, including Neutrogena and Clean and Clear lines. The company is making moves to remove these ingredients, as well. However, these chemicals can cause severe injury or even death. Formaldehyde 1,4-dioxane have been linked to cancer and could cause health issues for children as they grow.

Digitek Recall Lawyer Speaks To Suing

Due to the fact that the recall only took place after the product had already been distributed, there is a significant chance of injury related to the product being taken in an improper fashion. If you or a loved one was taking Digitek Digoxin treatments around 2008 and suffered from any of the symptoms listed above, it could be due to this severe error. Make sure that you contact a skilled attorney to determine what should be done next.

Percocet Risks versus Benefits

In fact, if you or a loved one took percocet or a related drug before 2011, and faced signs of liver failure, including weakness, jaundice, or a hospital visit, you should contact a product liability and medical malpractice attorney immediately. Call one today.

Effexor Injury Lawsuits

The company advises that the lots V130142 and V130140, expiring in October 2015, and Greenstone lot number V130014, expiring in August 2015. If you or someone around you is taking Effexor and is facing a fast heartbeat, dizziness, or faintness.