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Seroquel Injury Information and Legal Options

Furthermore, in the UK a batch of Nurofen plus ibuprofen instead contained Seroquel in 2011 and was recalled. The FDA reports that the drug carries the severe risk of death for elderly dementia patients. The warning also includes concern about violent moods and suicide risks. Overall, the drug’s manufacturer AstraZeneca has faced over 10,000 lawsuits as a result of issues stemming from its use.

If you or a loved one was prescribed Seroquel, especially for off-lab

Zofran in the Spotlite

Each local court, even the federal courts, have their own litany of local rules. You will usually have more luck getting a pro already experienced in representing and winning on behalf of hundreds of clients, recovering millions in damages. For more information, including a free-no pressure consultation anywhere in the state, most of the good ones have a call or email us today advertorial. Take advantage and do your research.

Risperdal’s History, Risks, and Litigation

The number of lawsuits against the company is increasing and have been mounted for almost twenty years. If the past is any indication, more patients that have been hurt by such actions will be active in challenging both J&J and Janssen. Now that court cases have indicated that Janssen knew as early as 2001 that the drug caused breast growth in males.

HCG Lawsuits and Effects

These products are often used in conjunction with dangerous or untested means of dieting, including ultra-low calorie diets. Combined, these factors can not only restrict weight loss but also lead to severe health problems.