DePuy Hip Replacement and Its Recalls

Xray of Left  Hip Replacement

Xray of Left Hip Replacement

For Americans that needed hip replacements, the quality of the product placed into their body needs to be above reproach. That is why it is unsettling to see a series of severe issues circulating around DePuy hip replacement systems. These include DePuy ASR XL Acetabular System and DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing System and similar concern over DePuy Pinnacle products.

There have been a series of recalls for the ASR XL Acetabular and ASR Hip Resurfacing system. It was discovered that in the first five years after a hip replacement surgery, which according to statistics cited by the FDA, included about 13% of systems needing to be replaced.

Is Depuy Escaping Liability With a Sneaky Release Form?

There is also concern that DuPuy could attempt to escape responsibility for the need for a hip replacement. Patients could be asked to sign a release for the company to repossess the implant when replaced. However, the concern about the systems, created between December 2005 and August 2010 is great. There has already been a case where a person outfitted with the defective product won over $8 million in damages.

If you or a loved one has had one of these defective products introduced into their body, please contact your physician and an attorney immediately. The skilled lawyers at qualified law firms or even solo practitioners are able to help in many of these cases. In fact, some lawyers online are quoted as having settled hundreds of medical malpractice and product liability suits.

We don’t want another day of pain or loss of function due to this or similar products to befall any patient or user. Calling a lawyer for a free consultation will help let them help you reach closure, and ask the corporation that allowed this to happen to make things right.