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Bad drugs and the many effects

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A recall in 2008 went out for all Digitek Digoxin tablets produced by Actavis Totwa LLC. The drugs were distributed by Mylan Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc. under the name Bertek. And they were also sold by UDL Laboratories under the name of UDL. The recall was due to the likelihood the tablets had a far higher dosage of the drug than expected. According to the FDA, the tablets in question were “scored round biconvex, white tablet imprinted with 441.”

The chance of having up to twice the labeled dose of digoxin was too high to keep the product on the shelf. The products intent was to treat heart failure and abnormal heart rhythms.

If a patient suffers from a digoxin overdose, they could suffer from multiple medical issues. These can include severe issues including “nausea, vomiting, dizziness, low blood pressure, cardiac instability, and slow heart rate. Death can also result from excessive digoxin intake. A lower than labeled dose may pose a risk of heart failure and abnormal heart rhythms.”

The Digitek Digoxin Recall

Since the recall took place after distribution, a significant risk of improper use injury exists. If you or a loved one was taking Digitek Digoxin treatments around 2008, think back. Did you suffer from any of the symptoms listed above? If so, it could be due to this severe error. Make sure that you contact a skilled attorney to determine what to do next.

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