Surprising Number of E-Cigarette Related Burns and Explosions

smoking electric cigarettes on the black background

Vaping is supposed to be a safe alternative to cigarettes. Instead, it’s anything but. While some elements of smoking are removed, vaping introduces other dangers. Exploding and burning e-cigs caused dozens of injuries in the U.S. and beyond. Remember the old warning on cigars? That there is no safe tobacco alternative to smoking? Here it is again.

Vice published a long article on the cases earlier this year. Many consumers are surprised to see such a result. However, people that vaped for a long time or been around e-cigs are often not. There’s a lot of potential danger in those little tubes.

Here is a Video Showing How A Vape Explosion Took Out a Man’s Teeth!

A number of high profile cases bring our attention to e-cigs. The Guardian described such injuries as “like being shot in the face.” The Seattle Times also reported on the cases. That paper described a number of “gruesome” injuries. The Sun reported on a poor vaper who lost seven teeth after a vape explosion.

Cases After Vape Explosions

These incidents are not rare. In fact, they are all too common. In many cases, the injured don’t know where to turn.

Victims of e-cig injuries have legal rights. When connected to a skilled attorney, they often recover damages for their injuries. Victims need such compensation for the cost of surgery and rehab.

Los Angeles vape injury expert Michael Ehline commented on the rash of accidents. “Often e-cig companies do not disclose the dangers in their products,” he said. Ehline leads one of the top vape injury law firms in the state of California.

The wave of e-cigarette explosions and injuries will not end anytime soon. In fact, as vaping increases in popularity, it will likely increase. With more vapers, more injuries follow. Hopefully, the e-cig companies make safer products, avoiding further needless injuries and issues.

That remains yet unclear. Keep it posted here for more info.