Danger Danger – People With Nothing to Lose Are Legally Driving

Illegals demanding free stuff

Tail wagging the dog.

According to reports in the state of California approximately fifty-two percent all new drivers licenses issued during this year have been issued to illegal aliens. The Associated Press reported that they have confirmed on Friday that about 397,000 drivers license have been issued to illegal aliens by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) during the first six months of 2015.

The terrible thing about this is not so much the licenses, but that it proves our own government has failed to enforce existing laws, which breeds a contempt for authority and breakdown of society. Beyond that, for personal injury victims, it presents even more problems.

Main problems with getting hit by an illegal alien driver:

  • No liability insurance: (CA law requires proof of insurance, but many illegals stop paying liability insurance, or even cancel payment on the insurance as soon as they get their license to drive.)
  • No assets.
  • Fake use of names.
  • Problems with skip tracing.
  • Fleeing the jurisdiction.

Liberal California seems to care more about illegals than its own citizens, as evinced by its sanctuary city policies. The fact that there are this many people here who should not be is telling. Personal injury lawyers who have led the right to surrender our sovereignty to foreigners are now reaping what they have sewn. Just try calling any injury lawyer and tell them straight up:

“I was hit by an illegal alien,”

and watch how fast they hang up the phone.

The DMV began issuing drivers license to undocumented or illegal immigrant workers in 2015 after a law went into effect permitting the issuing of driving privileges. This was Assembly Bill 60, passed in 2013 and went into effect January 2015. This bill requires California DMV to issue a non-prohibitive license even though the person may not be able to submit acceptable proof of the applicant’s presence in the U.S. is authorized under federal law.

The illegal immigrant covered by the law is required to prove identity, residency and must past the driving test.
The one difference with the 687,000 California drivers licenses issued to illegal aliens is a marking that is different from a legal citizen’s driver’s license. This mark restricts the illegal from certain things that require federal identification and from using it to board airplanes.

According to the AP report during the first six months of 2015 759,000 drivers licenses were issued, which is an increase of 174 percent over the amount issued in 2014 during the same period at 435,000. The first six months from January 2nd through June 30th there have been over 1.1 million illegal aliens that have taken the written drivers tests and 436,000 illegals have taken the road test.

It is estimated that this law applies to over 1 million illegal immigrants to become applicants for license within the next three years. Governor Jerry Brown of California described the state as a “dream” during two ceremonies in 2013 to celebrate the law. Many would say that politicians are pandering to the extended family of Latinos, and putting politics over our citizens. One thing is certain, illegal aliens can get public assistance and out of personal liability in an injury case a lot easier than a citizen with a job, a real address and roots. When a foreign invader has nothing to lose, he can lie, cheat and do whatever thing he chooses, even if some feel it’s noble.

In the end, the liberal consumer attorney’s bar just made it harder for them to get a viable injury case that could help pay their bills. In the meantime these same progressive types are advocating to let potentially radicalized Syrian Muslims who as a population have shown a statistically low likelihood of integration into host countries, and instead, along with many people from Islamic countries in France, for example, tend to riot, go on welfare and ignore all law but Sharia Law. We hope that the plaintiff’s bar is starting to learn the lesson of using other people’s money and liberty in order to get a contingency fee.