Increasing Medical Concerns Over Talc Use

An Earthly Mineral, Ground into Powder

Talcum Powder in Ground, Bottled Form

Talc is one of the most ubiquitous elements in the American household. In its powdered form it is used for rashes and diaper issues and is in many types of cosmetics. However, its frequent use does not diminish the concern by many that the hydrated magnesium silicate has caused severe injuries and even deaths in the past and is not properly regulated by the government.

There have been multiple lawsuits over the last several years against Johnson and Johnson over the potential risk of talcum powder for women. For decades, there has been concern that talc, used in baby and other powders, has a link to ovarian cancer.

The FDA has cited similar concerns, but is not convinced of the link. However, the FDA also cites the risk of talc becoming contaminated by asbestos, often mined in similar circumstances. Talc has a similar molecular chemistry and asbestos is a known carcinogen.


The Link Between Talc and Asbestosis/Cancers

There is increasing worry that the common material has also carried a severe risk. There have been studies that have linked talc with asbestos, which could cause severe lung disease and even death. The Albany Times Union reported that there have been hundreds of cases in which the dangers of talc have been reported by doctors and researches. The material was linked to both mesothelioma and ovarian cancer. The FDA has not taken aggressive action to prevent asbestos laden talc from entering into the market. This compares to South Korea, which in 2009 removed thousands of cosmetics from the shelves after finding them affected by asbestos.

35% Higher Risk For Ovarian Cancer?

The Tucson Sentinel further reports on successful litigation in which Johnson and Johnson was held responsible for not properly warning of the risk of ovarian cancer. Since the landmark judgement, over 700 ovarian cancer victims have sought compensation. Studies have also shown a that ovarian cancer risks increase by 35% with the use of talc. That is simply startling.

Talc Could Send Your Baby Crying

little baby crying on bed

With the amount of talc in our households and on store shelves, it is important to properly understand the potential risk. With the FDA not effectively warning people of the potential risk, the chances of being exposed to such dangerous material increases. If you have been adversely affected after using talc products, it is vital that you seek medical and legal attention immediately. Just think of the little babies and children who are exposed to this toxic chemical, with their undeveloped lungs and brains. What is happening to them? How do you prove it was Talcum that caused their ailment, coma, or death, for example?

A skilled attorney who is specialized in product and medical liability will be able to assist you in seeking money, but never expect a windfall, because it is very expensive to sue big pharma. Fighting back will reduce the risk of talc being able to hurt future victims that could have otherwise been caught unaware.