Percocet Risks versus Benefits

Addiction Monitor Shows Craving And Substance Abuses

Addiction Monitor Shows Craving And Substance Abuses

Percocet has become one of the most prescribed medicines on the market in recent history. The painkiller has been issued for broken bones, consistent pain, and after oral surgery. While the drug has been dispensed millions of times, there are and have been serious issues revolving around the drug.

Oxycodone is an Opiate

First and foremost, percocet is an opiate. The drug consists of a combination of acetaminophen and Oxycodone Hydrochloride and is similar to other brands of drugs, such as Oxycet, Roxicet, and Roxilox. This combination of the two drugs can cause issues, especially in the weakness after a major illness or surgery.

Too Much Aspirin is Mixed With the Opiate

The high dosage of acetaminophen with the oxycodone can cause severe issues to your health and well being, especially revolving around the liver. There have been cases where too much acetaminophen can cause liver failure and potentially death. Between 1990 and 1998, there were 56,000 emergency room visits and 458 deaths caused by an overdose of acetaminophen. This can often cause Acute Liver Failure, or ALF. It just doesn’t make sense to mix these two drugs together knowing this fact. It simply makes more sense to prescribe a non diluted Oxycodone and prescribe aspiring separately, but the makers have patented this instead. In fact, as noted above, the amounts of liver damaging acetaminophen was even more absurd than it is now.

The amount of acetaminophen in earlier versions of Percocet was so large that the FDA caused manufacturers to place a warning label and limited the amount of acetaminophen per pill to 325 milligrams in 2011. However, this only came after a series of complaints and medical issues.  This is what the consumer is stuck with, unless the doctor is more creative in writing the script, ruling out Percocet in favor of a combination of Oxy, or Hydrocodone combined with a separate order of either Ibuprofin, or Acetominofin.

The Dependence Risks

All of these risks are involved with Percocet, which has also been an alleged cause of severe chemical dependence. This is a major chemical dependence that causes your body to feel extreme pain everywhere unless you pop another pill. Besides this, the other side effects are just absurd when compared to the benefits of this patented pill.

In fact, if you or a loved one took percocet or a related drug before 2011, and faced signs of liver failure, including weakness, jaundice, or a hospital visit, you should contact a product liability and medical malpractice attorney immediately. Call one today. Many offer a free, no-pressure consultation. The better ones have worked on dozens of similar cases and put our clients first. We know that it is vital to stop the spread of drugs that can hurt the consumer and believe you should also consider confronting physicians with these facts, making certain that you, or a loved one is not faced with ingesting this drug without understanding the many risks involved.