Pioglitazone Use, Health Risks and Legal Issues

A molecular chart of Actos

Actos on molecular chart

Pioglitazone, popularly marketed as Actos has become a staple in treating diabetes. It has become one of the most popular drugs meant to treat the condition over the last sixteen years, but has been found to have considerable risk, especially of causing bladder cancer.

The International Business Times is reporting on a massive lawsuit to cover the damages caused by the drug. The manufacturer Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. has agreed to compensate victims with a tremendous $2.4 billion. The court case represented 9,000 clients that alleged that the drug caused adverse medical effects.

Since the medication was put on the market in 1999, it has created over $24 billion for the company. Furthermore, both Takeda and Actos’ former promoter Eli Lilly & Co. were originally fined $9 billion after a man proved in court that the drug caused his bladder cancer. That amount was later reduced to $37 million.

A 2011 FDA report showed that Actos exposure was linked to an increased number of patients with bladder cancer. A ten year study with a five year review of information found that patients with the longest use or highest collective dosage of the drug had a marked risk of bladder cancer. A further study by the French Medicines Agency found a similar increase in bladder cancer risk. This caused Actos and related drug Competact to be pulled off the shelves in the country (Read More.)

If you or someone you know has been exposed to Actos and developed bladder issue or cancer, make sure that you are properly represented. Such issues can easily lead to death or severe life impairment. The additional medical bills and anguish is something that should not be suffered alone. The assistance of an attorney specialized in medical malpractice and drug liability can assist your family in seeking the proper compensation for your pain in many cases.

So it’s not always the end of the world. At least you have a chance to be made whole monetarily speaking, even if your body and soul is shattered. Getting a representative with experience, especially if your lucky enough to retain a lawyer who is has second to none in representing California drug error victims is a key factor. Understanding that not all approved drugs are necessarily safe, and that not all doctors prescribe them properly, means that you need to be cautious.

Always ask your physician question,s and get a second opinion when you get that tingly feeling that something is wrong, no matter how safe you are told the drug is or is not. Avoiding legal and medical problems is the best advice for a healthy life.