The Uncertain Health Risks of IUD Birth Control “Mirena”

Birth Control Includes IUD Use

Chart of Various methods of birth control

Mirena has become a popular IUD used for birth control. The intrauterine device has also been tied to a series of side effects, most of which can be severe. There have been cases of Mirena causing ectopic pregnancy, embedding in the uterine wall, uterine perforation, and self-removing. All of these are unexpected and contradict advertised claims.

“Lighter” or “Disappearing” Pregnancies?

There has also been issues with other issues advertised, including the idea that an IUD can lead to lighter or disappearing pregnancies or an increased sex drive. However, some users have described issues with sex drive and hormone imbalance.


The FDA Reports on IUD Dangers

The FDA has reported on a series of issues that have been linked to the IUD. These include

“pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), ovarian cysts, and irregular bleeding and amenorrhea.”

There have also been issues of women not only becoming pregnant while using Mirena, but developing an ectopic pregnancy. If the pregnancy is miscarried, there is a severe risk of permanent fertility loss.


Getting Legal Assistance if You Were Hurt By Mirena Use

If you or a loved one used Mirena or another levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system, contact your doctor immediately to assess the risks. If you have been harmed by the IUD, contact a medical malpractice and/or product liability attorneys. These types of legal advocates are usually called “Personal Injury Attorneys,” and can be researched on peer recognized websites such as We hope that someone will help your family before some of the worst side effects can set in.